There is a popular African phrase that says: “When you want to go fast‐ go alone,and when you want to go far ‐go with others.” Our wish is to go far in our quest to provide quality education and training; and it is my plea to all students, staff, parents and stakeholders to join us in this epic and challenging journey to tremendous greatness.

You are an important component in the existence and development of this College and thus we need to go with you in the humble pursuit of our goals. As the saying goes,

 Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain; it is what you do for others.

Correctly put, it is the difference that you make in the lives of others that matters – and not what you do for yourself.

This College has grown tremendously with time and we endeavor to undertake our double roles as an institution of higher learning and as a formation centre for Marist Brothers. I wish to thank our staff for giving their best to this institution. Let us continue to work together as a team and let us continue to exercise humility, forgiveness and perseverance as the greatest virtues to success. We fully understand that the institution cannot grow without your full support, and we shall do our best to motivate staff. However, let us not look at ourselves as workers of Marist College but rather as workers of God. As the Bible says, “whatever you do to another brother, you do it for me.” May God bless you as you serve Him and humanity.
I wish to thank the students of this College for maintaining high levels of discipline and commitment to their studies. We are proud of you and we shall do our best to offer you quality education and training. So far we have ordered more books for the library and more computers for the ICT centre to enable students access the scholarly materials they need with ease.
As Marist International College, our target is to make a difference in the Education Sector in this country and beyond for the benefit of both the current and future generations. We seek to produce highly qualified teachers who are equipped with Christian values and relevant skills that will eventually transform the scope of education for the better. Education is the basis to all forms of development and that’s why we believe that our teachers will be the light of the world.
Today, this nation has set in place an ambitious Vision 2030 plan that is aimed at achieving tangible development in the next 20 years. As an institution of higher learning, we understand that development is deeply rooted in education and that’s why we seek to make a positive contribution towards this national goal by training teachers and leaders who will be able to effectively shepherd the children of this country into a fruitful and meaningful future.
Most importantly, I call upon all members of the Marist Community to observe the key virtues that include: Love of God and neighbor, respect for human life, lawful authorities and colleagues, concern for the poor, integrity, generosity, leadership, patriotism, love for work, sensitivity to the environment and self discipline.
As we endeavor to accomplish these wishes, we pray that the Almighty God ‐ who is the ultimate author of our destiny‐ shall guide us through. Nothing can succeed in this world without God’s intervention and therefore I urge everyone to put Him first in everything. God bless you all. Have a fruitful year.