Ignance Mbaruramye

Bachelor of Education

Since my arrival in Kenya, I had such a warm and motherly welcome by Kenyans. I felt very special, tears of joy ran down my cheeks, I felt that God truly prepared a place for me. I felt at home and a strong sense of belonging to this great nation and I felt accepted by everybody. The two things I love here is the type of food, like “Sukuma wiki”. This has become my favorite Kenyan dish. Like a Kenyan boy I love Kenya, It’s a beautiful country and the people of Kenya are so friendly and approachable, They are strong, direct and spontaneous in whatever they have to say or do. Now I feel like one of them and well inserted in my College MIUC in which I study. I am so happy and grateful and I hope to enjoy my stay in Kenya; Kenya my stay, my choice, my lover.