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February 1, 2021


November 24, 2020

Graduand List November 2020

What People Say

How real people said about Marist International University College.


Ignance Mbaruramye

Bachelor of Education

Since my arrival in Kenya, I had such a warm and motherly welcome by Kenyans. I felt very special, tears of joy ran down my cheeks, I felt that God truly prepared a place for me. I felt at home and a strong sense of belonging to this great nation and I felt accepted by everybody. The two things I love here is the type of food, like “Sukuma wiki”. This has become my favorite Kenyan dish. Like a Kenyan boy I love Kenya, It’s a beautiful country and the people of Kenya are so friendly and approachable, They are strong, direct and spontaneous in whatever they have to say or do. Now I feel like one of them and well inserted in my College MIUC in which I study. I am so happy and grateful and I hope to enjoy my stay in Kenya; Kenya my stay, my choice, my lover.


Ndi Deric Ngong

Bachelor of Education & Diploma in Religious studies

I was a student at MIUC from August 2015 to August 2019 where I undertook my Bachelor in Education and Diploma in Religious studies. When I remember the years spent in this beautiful place, I pause and smile. I have so many beautiful memories I hold of MIUC. I have had a chance to make so many friends from several cultures across Africa, this was an eye-opener for me because I learned to appreciate my culture and see the beauty and uniqueness of other African cultures. ”



BA Strategic Development Studies

I am Immaculate a Bachelor’s Degree student pursuing Strategic Development Studies in the Arts and Science Department. I thank God for enabling me to come this far. If I’m to talk about Marist I’d probably write an entire book but not today. If you ever looking for a place where you can find both academic satisfaction and a perfect social life then MIUC is definitely the place to be. Marist has molded me into a lady of integrity. ”


Sr. Mary Lucy Wairimu Mbugua

Dip Information Technology

My name is Sr. Mary Lucy Wairimu Mbugua I been a student MIUC since 2017-2018 pursuing a Diploma in Information Technology. Today, I am great full to God for helping me reach this far and those who helped and supported me in this journey. I am indeed very happy..”



Bachelor of Business Management

Being part of the MIUC family for years has been such a blessing, the learning and growth experience has been amazing. I have learned what it means to be a part of a family. I got support under so many circumstances, We learned, laughed and even cried together.

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