“Transformed by Truth: Embarking on a Life of Purpose” Ready to face the world and be a light for others                    

Questions, as Karl Jaspers argued, are more preponderant than answers. After you have performed and as you graduate, a fundamental and practical question you will have to ask yourself is whether your performance and your years of training have made you a competent person. Have you been transformed, with the knowledge, skills, and truth, into a good citizen who will bring hope, positive change, and truth to society?  The training and the experiences you acquired at Marist should help you answer with a convincing YES to this crucial question. This commencement is a significant milestone that you should celebrate with family, friends, lecturers, formators, and all who supported you during these challenging years of studies. Congratulations on your achievement! As you enjoy the day, the efforts, and the freshly conferred degree, remember that as a new graduate of Marist University and CUEA, you now must be ready to face the world and be a light for others. You studied for a purpose, and the time has come for you to go out there and be “the light of the world”, an agent of transformation and positive social change. I believe you are prepared to face this ever-changing world, which is so much dominated by new technologies and artificial intelligence. Utilize them to enhance your professional career. In the midst of all these necessary changes, however, strive to remain authentically Marist: a true agent of social transformation, a light for our world.

Once again, Congratulations, my dear graduates!!!

Marist International University College (MIUC) was founded by the Marist Brothers of the Schools (FMS) in 1986 and became a Constituent College of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in 2002. We prepare religious and lay students from international and multicultural backgrounds. In that richly diverse educational setting, our learners are offered academic knowledge and professional skills that make them competent agents of social transformation in this complex and ever-changing world. We offer four-year programs: Bachelor of Education (Arts and Sciences), Bachelor’s in Business Management (BBM), and Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Development Studies (BAS). In addition, we have a two-year Master’s degree in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Counselling. We also offer a variety of Diplomas and Certificates leading to the completion of undergraduate programs of studies. All these programs align with our vision and philosophy of education: giving our society empowered young men and women, good Christians or citizens who will become the light of the world.

Rev Br Vincent de Paul Kouassi, PhD, EdD

Principal, Marist international University College